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Diamorphosis-Works of green, functions in the field of study and built private and public works of green (Architecture of gardens, construction/built of gardens). The activity with the object has given the company experience to all fields.

Aim and objective

The first target is the presence of natural environment to be declared with an aesthetic and functional way.

  • The main object is the architecture of gardens, from the initial study to the construction and their maintenance.

  • It also undertakes phytotechnical configuration studies of green works in all levels.

  • It collaborates with offices of architecture of landscape, for the study or the construction of works of landscape architecture.

Fundamental aim of the web site is the briefing with regard to the activities of the company and the professional facilitation it offers in our days. It would be considered as a great achievement if through the contacts and its operation the passion for the landscape, the garden, the environment and ecology be enriched.

Opinions and proposals that will give solutions on issues of management of the environmental space, will be hosted in special place.  Yet photographs of landscapes, parks and gardens from amateur of the field are welcomed and desirable.

Our wish is the tour in the web page, apart from the benefit of professional information, to give the sense of beautiful landscapes, adapted by the imagination of human but also with the freedom of nature.

Our objective is to help natural environment, which we trample permanently and as a result losing the unprecedented and unique wealth of nature and landscape, to be preserved, protected and strengthened as much as possible.

Because everything that is ruined around us such as mountains, seas, tops, streams……. it takes ages to be rectified in horribly slow and painful steps!!!