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Diamoprhosis is a technical consultancy office that deals with studies and constructions of garden projects, green works and open outdoor spaces in general.  For the implementations of its studies it collaborates with Architectural landscaping offices.

The company was founded in 1996 by Alexandros Kremmydas (AUA, Msc: Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings EAP), and cooperates with Theophrastus Gavrielatou (TEI: Crop production) since 2003.

The areas in which operates are listed below in detail: 

·      Garden architecture

·      Installation of automating irrigation systems

·      Roof gardens

·      Rock gardens

·      Pergolas

·      Lakes

·      Maintenance of gardens and green works

·      Advises and  support of green spaces

·      Environmental design/planning

·      Priority is given to ecological methods of dealing with problems or complete response.

The company has specialized staff and has developed an integrated service system.  It collaborates with the largest companies in the field, in areas of irrigation supply materials, decorations and garden plant, to deliver every project with quality and warranty.

Diamorphosis, places as a fundamental objective the creation of high aesthetics open spaces, rightly planned and adapted in the needs of customers. Spaces are designed, formed and shaped with creativity, imagination, scientific responsibility and technical completeness.

We should take into consideration to protect the natural substance of open spaces (public and private), as much as possible, and during planning we take into account two factors:

  • First is the priority of natural material (plant, stone, wood, water), comprehended as a perishable element but also continually renewable, supporting thus factually the maintenance of ecological balance in the urban web.

  • The second has relation with the prospect development of planning/designing proposal, as a “jewel” in the modern city.

We believe that the need for built-up certainty, comfort and stability can be combined with that for mental and intellectual balance that so much simply and friendly gives us the natural elements in environment space.